Finix Casino

May 9-19, Finix Casino, Kulata, Bulgaria

Finix Casino

Finix Casino, known for its world-class service and hospitality, is located on the Greek border in Kulata, Bulgaria. The casino boasts a wide range of games including roulette, blackjack, stand poker, ultimate poker, 360 slot machines, and of course a large poker room.

The luxurious Fenix Hotel boasts floral and retro vibes along with high quality of services, free parking, and around the clock video surveillance. The venue also features the Fenix Restaurant, the Fenix Bar, and the Fashion Hall Kulata night club.

How to Get to the Finix Casino

How to Get to the Finix Casino by Plane

There are direct flights from just about every European capital to Sofia Airport (Bulgaria) and Saloniki Airport (Greece), which are both approximately two hours from Kulata. Transfers are available from both airports with Finix Casino also offering a shuttle bus service from Salonika Airport.

How to Get to the Finix Casino by Car

How to Get to the Finix Casino by Train and Bus

Trains and buses are available from both Thessaloniki and Sofia.

Address Contact

2868 Кулата
Kulata, Bulgaria
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +359 885 267 884 and +30 698 288 7443